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Furniture to experience

Those who only look at themselves in the mirror of this bathroom will be sorry to have missed the dramatic interaction being played out before them – a play of surfaces that couldn't be more different.

The brushed form of the ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain on Anthracite Mountain Larch is the perfect accompaniment to the velvety, warm PerfectSense Matt

The eyes are the first to notice the enchanting dance being performed by the decors that have been chosen for this piece of bathroom furniture: Cashmere Grey combined with Anthracite Mountain Larch. Then the fingers pick up the beat and begin to tap it out on the surfaces, stroking the warming, velvety single-colour decor of the PerfectSense Matt drawer fronts, before finally coming to rest on the brushed form ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain of the mountain larch decor.

As simple and everyday as a washbasin may be, this unexpected marriage of form and function takes this piece to the next level of visual and sensory experience.
The combination of different finishes turns this simple piece of furniture into a sensory wonder.

The interplay between matt velvet and authentic wood lends this piece of bathroom furniture an air of excitement. The cohesive design is completed by the matt rear wall, finished in the same Cashmere Grey as the drawer fronts. The finish that has been used here is the ST9 Smoothtouch Matt which is the ideal support material for compact laminate and only serves to further enhance the matt effect of PerfectSense. The consciously and precisely chosen fittings in deep, matt black complement the calm look of the surrounding matt surfaces.

This piece of bathroom furniture combines the elegant look of PerfectSense Matt with the authenticity of the Mountain Larch décor with its brushed wooden form in ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain.


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