EGGER pursues ambitious goals to "create more from the valuable resource wood" and thus enable sustainable living and working.

The EGGER Group is already presenting its sixth Sustainability Report for the financial year 2022/2023. It contains the strategy, objectives and performance of the Group with regard to economic, ecological and social sustainability. With this report, EGGER underlines its clear commitment to sustainable management and to transparent communication throughout.

EGGER thinks comprehensively about sustainability. All details are included in the new Sustainability Report.

Comprehensive sustainability approach

EGGER takes responsibility for its products, its own production, as well as for employees and society and acts with future generations in mind. What this means exactly can be read in the current Sustainability Report of the EGGER Group for the 2022/2023 financial year. A selection of the most important key figures is clearly presented in the sustainability fact sheet.

"Sustainable management is at the core of our strategic actions. We demand a high level of transparency from our reporting and are pleased to have been able to provide all of our stakeholders with comprehensive insights into our sustainability ambitions and performance since 2018," says Thomas Leissing, CFO and Speaker of the Group Management.

More transparency

Both with regard to its own sustainability performance and the quality of the associated reporting, the wood-based material manufacturer strives for continuous improvement. To this end, EGGER has its own performance evaluated annually by leading global rating agencies such as ISS ESG or EcoVadis and has repeatedly obtained awards. The insights gained flow directly into the further development of the company's own sustainability management.