How much water can your floor withstand
Make a splash with EGGER Laminate flooring

Benefits of our water-resistant laminate floors

Soap bubble on Laminate Flooring EL1011 with Aqua CLIC it! Technology

100% protection from water

Water spillages are common in everyday life. With EGGER flooring you don't need to worry! Our water-resistant surface has got you covered.

Authentic structures that feel like real wood

Wide variety of decors

Authentic flooring decors combined with harmonious surface structures make wood and stone decors looks very natural.

The installation with CLIC it! is easy and straightforward

Easy to install

The EGGER CLIC it! installation system makes a floating installation easy, minimises joint formation and ensures an optimum fit.

Which floor is best for you?

Our wood-based floors are not only offered in a wide range of decors to suit your interior, but also provide the durability and resilience required for everyday use. From high-traffic areas to spaces exposed to humidity, our water-resistant floors ensure long-lasting performance, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial environments.

With decors in wood, stone and tile look, the wood-based EGGER floors match your interior style exactly.

Honey Sherman Oak EL1007

Bathroom with Laminate Flooring Aqua CLIC it! Honey Sherman Oak (EL1007)

Light Dunnington Oak EPL074

Bathroom with Laminate Flooring Aqua+ Light Dunnington Oak (EPL074)

EPL159 Natural Valley Oak

Kitchen with Laminate Flooring Aqua+ in Natural Valley Oak (EPL159)

Natural Sheffield Acacia EL1004

Open kitchen space with Laminate Flooring Aqua CLIC it! Natural Sheffield Acacia (EL1004)

EGGER Laminate Flooring with Aqua CLIC it! technology

The ideal entry-level product for private use - EGGER Laminate Flooring with Aqua CLIC it! technology is perfectly suited for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Thanks to the edge swelling protection, water-resistant surface, and the wood-based Quellstop core board, the Laminate Flooring is protected against water penetration for 24 hours.

EGGER Laminate Flooring Aqua+

A high-quality water-resistant and robust floor for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications. Thanks to the Aqua+ coreboard, EGGER Laminate Flooring Aqua+ offers up to 72 hours of reliable protection against water. Available in 34 natural wood and stone optics in 3 formats, Classic, Large or Kingsize, it ensures individual designs.

Available formats and sizes


  • Classic: 193 x 1292 mm
  • Large: 246 x 1292 mm
  • Kingsize: 327 x 1292 mm

Aqua CLIC it!

  • Classic: 193 x 1292 mm
  • Large: 246 x 1292 mm

Flooring accessories

Silenzio Professional SD 3-in-1

The new underlay EGGER Silenzio Professional SD 3-in-1 is ideally suited for the installation of hard floor coverings directly on mineral substrates thanks to an integrated vapor barrier film with adhesive strips. It also has a low thermal resistance, while noticeably reducing impact and room noise.

Matching skirting boards

We also offer skirting boards to match our flooring decors and ensure a clean, harmonious finish. EGGER's decor-matching skirtings consist of an MDF core and a water-repellent decor foil, ensuring special durability.

Certified safety

EGGER floors are not only resistant to moisture.

They are sourced from local and sustainable wood sources and utilise recycled materials whenever possible. Our decors are printed using water-based dyes.

They are 100% free of pollutants, PVC and plasticisers and ensure a healthy living environment.

The products are also awarded the European Ecolabel or the Blue Angel for compliance with the highest emission standards.

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.