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Many things that you could not do due to corona are now possible again – but they feel different. The Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) describes it as: "The world tastes different". Driven by this new "taste" and a new awareness, megatrends, on which our decor and combination recommendations are based, have also developed more quickly. These transitions must now be actively shaped.


Under the motto "create transitions", we would like to encourage you to actively shape with your designs and solutions the social transitions that are also becoming apparent in the interior design sector. The EGGER Decorative Collection offers you the right decor and product selection for this.

Home & Office

Kitchen & Living

Home & Office: The new rhythm between living and working.

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Kitchen & Living: Functional transitions between kitchen and living.

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Cocooning & Functionality: Cosiness in which all areas of life function.

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Country & Urban: Decisions are not needed anymore.

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Natural & Luxury: Combining styles requires shaped transitions.

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“Mix+Match” is already a popular concept in furniture and interior design. This is now being complemented by modular design: Individual pieces of furniture or furniture elements are increasingly designed in one colour, in rather restrained and flexible materials, which are then put together side by side – like individual collages. This modular look is not about furniture being put together again and again like a puzzle. Furniture is not self-contained, but open to diverse combinations and changes in its life cycle.

Mix+Match is complemented with modular design

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Sustainability in practice


Sustainability no longer refers only to environmental themes. Sustainability in practice requires from all of us fair, meaningful and responsible action.

Corona made us aware of the consequences and uncertainties of globalisation. Now we are balancing them with local options. Glocalisation combines both to remain flexible and resilient in the future.

Social individualisation


Individualisation? Yes, but not at any price. Solidarity and a sense of community are transforming this megatrend into social individualisation. It focuses on quality rather than variety. It should make life better, but not fuller or more complex.

The omnipresent topic of digitalisation now demands new human skills and a new socio-cultural behaviour. From this springs connectivity, which demands more interfaces with reality.

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.