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Doors not only connect rooms: In conjunction with furniture and flooring, they link impressive room designs in both public and private areas.

Doors not only connect rooms, they link impressive room designs.
Door Size Laminates for specific requirements
Door Size Laminates that are easy to cut to size
Robust surfaces for interior doors
Matt surfaces with anti-fingerprint properties

Many challenges, our solutions.
Given their size, doors are an important design element. At the same time, they have to meet a wide variety of requirements.
We offer a wide range of decorative and resistant laminates for coating the door leaf, the frame and the door lining. Raw chipboard and lightweight boards are available for the door leaf middle layer.

With our ABS edging, you can achieve the perfect finish on the narrow side of butt-hinged doors. We have summarised all decors and product advantages for you in an interactive brochure.

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Our laminate decors for your door design

Products for interior doors

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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.