With our compact laminates you will meet your customers' demand for a robust, food-safe and moisture-resistant material. For perfectly coordinated room designs, it is available in a wide range of decor options matched across Eurodekor and laminate. In our new collection you will find different versions: with black, white, light grey or grey core as well as in fire retardant Flammex quality.


The elegant solution – even for increased stress.

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The board for high stress environments

Compact Laminate is particularly well-suited for interior design applications which are exposed to high stress (tables, work surfaces, wall cladding, changing rooms and partition walls), as well as increased demands for hygiene and cleanliness (restaurants, hospitals and clean rooms).

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Elegant design

Filigree or straight-lined elements create a design-orientated interior. Compact laminate gains points thanks to its high stability, robustness and elegant design. The wide decor selection with uni decors, as well as woodgrains and material reproductions provides countless new opportunities.

To all decors

For special designs, the board can be milled, routed, grooved, as well as drilled. Any part of the board can be milled or routed, when no additional edge finishing process is required.

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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.