Flooring composition of the EGGER floor coverings

With our products we offer many technical features, from the flooring composition, to patented flooring click systems for particular stability during the installation stage, through toindestructible surfaces. We are always up to date.With more than 20 years’ experience in flooring production, we can resort to a wide depth of knowledge about wood and drive innovations forward. We produce our flooring in fully integrated production from the coreboards to the finished products at the sites in Wismar (DE) and Gagarin (RU).All our floor coverings are based on the natural raw material of wood from PEFC-certified forests. We consciously do without plasticisers or PVC during processing. With our promise “Quality made by EGGER”, you can rely on a consistently high product quality, certified production processes and sustainability. To be looked up on our download page.

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What does the floor configuration of our products look like?

Flooring composition - EGGER laminate flooring

EGGER laminate - the sturdy all-rounder

EGGER laminate flooring is produced using the DPL (direct pressed laminate) production method. A floorboard is made up of four layers:

1. Resilient, highly abrasion-resistant surface
2. Decorative paper
3. HDF Swell barrier+ wood-based coreboard
4. Balancer

The individual components are pressed together under high pressure and at high temperatures. After a cooling phase, the floorboards are cut and the click profiles milled.

What advantages does EGGER laminate flooring have?

Floor configuration Comfort flooring

There is a lot of nature in EGGER Comfort Flooring

With the new HD digital print technique we are using a new technology to produce EGGER Comfort flooring. The decor image is printed directly onto the upper cork layer in very high resolution, which allows new design options to be developed. A natural cork layer is also integrated on the underneath of the coreboard. In this way, the unique cork flooring consisting of five layers is produced:

1. Environmentally friendly UV protection layer
2. HD digital decor print
3. Elastic Comfort top layer made of cork
4. HDF Swell barrier+ wood-based coreboard
5. Integrated impact sound insulating cork underlay.

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Floor configuration Design flooring

Design flooring GreenTec Durable, water resistant, quiet… and made from wood!

EGGER’s Design flooring GreenTec combines durability and sustainability. The integrated cork underlay makes this floor comfortable to walk on, reduces sound and can be installed even over existing tile installations. In summary, Design flooring is made up of the following four layers:

1. Hard wearing and water proof wear layer
2. Authentic décor layer
3. Carrier board, suitable for commercial applications
4. Integrated, sound reducing cork underlay

Discover all the benefits of EGGER Design flooring
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