EGGER Comfort Flooring witch cork: when nature moves in

Our Comfort flooring combines the strengths of laminate with special cork properties

EGGER Comfort flooring, compared to other wood-based floor coverings, is particularly quiet and heat-insulating, thus creating a comfortable, cosy ambience that makes you feel good. Thanks to the cork flooring properties, EGGER Comfort flooring is the ideal flooring for bedrooms and children's rooms as well as living and dining areas. Our Comfort flooring is available in numerous designs, which go together well with different furnishing styles. Whether in wood effect, stone or unusually creative, there are no limits to one's imagination here. See our high-quality designs for yourself!

90% material from renewable resources

64% by-products from the sawmill industry

Further information on our sustainability indicators please review here.

What makes Comfort flooring so unique?

Our cork flooring is a genuine alternative to conventional laminate flooring. EGGER Comfort flooring is a cork laminate with impressive designs. For the extraordinary effects on our Comfort flooring, we use modern HD digital printing technology. Are you asking where the name Comfort flooring comes from? Quite simply: The integrated cork layers in the cork flooring create a warm, soft and quiet feel. The effect of this is a cosy feeling, which is why we recommend Comfort flooring for spaces where the feel-good factor is particularly important.

PRO 221+ Comfort Flooring | EPC35

Comfort Flooring: For life's relaxing moments.

Comfort Flooring | EPC001

Cork stores heat

Comfort Flooring | EPC001

Cork insulates noise

EGGER Comfort Flooring is a cork floor with no harmful substances

Cork is environmentally friendly

Our cork flooring has special comfort layers made of cork, a natural mateiral. These make EGGER Comfort flooring particularly soft and smooth. The air cells in the cork layers delay the outflow of heat and thus invite you to walk barefoot on the flooring.

In our Comfort flooring we integrate a second cork layer on the underside of the flooring boards, which means the decorative cork flooring is optimally protected against impact noise. Comfort flooring is very quiet with much more noise comfort than conventional floor coverings made of wood.

As its name suggests, our Comfort flooring is based on the renewable, natural material cork and on wood fibres, which come from trees from PEFC-certified forests. EGGER Comfort flooring is 100% PVC free, and we are also proud that our cork flooring bears the Blue Angel quality seal.

With Comfort flooring you are choosing flooring with plenty of comfort

Our Comfort flooring is perfectly suitable for all applications in areas of the home, but also for moderate commercial use (e.g. in hotel rooms).
With the CLIC it! Flooring system we guarantee the safe and stable installation of the flooring.
No doubt you are asking how to take care of cork flooring. Don’t worry, we’ve already thought of that. Our Comfort flooring has an easy-care surface, which is even protected against strong UV radiation.

All in all, EGGER Comfort flooring gives you a threefold assurance:

  • Insensitivity to dirt
  • Resistance to fading
  • Durability for many years

The PRO and HOME collections for our Comfort flooring

If you are looking for competent advice and would rather have the flooring installation done by a professional, then we recommend that you look for a specialist distributor near you. Rely on the experience of experts and look for the right flooring colour from our professional range, the EGGER PRO Comfort flooring collection.

If, however, you would rather do the flooring installation yourself, then you will definitely find a decor to suit your taste in the EGGER HOME Comfort flooring collection. EGGER HOME Comfort flooring is easy to install yourself and will ensure you have attractive flooring for a long time to come. Take a look at our installation videos: we show you how quick and easy it is to install EGGER Comfort flooring.

EGGER HOME Comfort flooring

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