EGGER flooring surfaces are highly authentic thanks to the use of the latest technology. From brushed floorboard textures to the special tile appearance for stone decors through to matt surfaces in the style of oiled wooden floors. Every flooring decor is combined with a perfectly matching surface. No matter what your customer's taste, you will certainly have the right answer thanks to the large selection of EGGER decors. Use the opportunity to inspire your customer and suggest new ideas. A floor with a wooden look also in the bathroom? A stone look that feels warm? Or ornamental patterns on the floor as a contrast to the fixtures?

How are surfaces differentiated?


Natural Pore

Velvety impression and an extremely fine texture are characteristic for Smoothtouch. Very regular surfaces and elegant lacquer finishes are part of this family of surfaces.

Decors with Smoothtouch

Natural Pore looks just like solid wood. When it comes to either the authentic woodgrain or the rough sawn presentation, this wooden look can hardly be distinguished from nature.

Decors with Natural Pore surface



Omnipore reproduces wood textures in an elegantly natural manner. This texture highlights the characteristics of different types of wood.

Decors with Omnipore surface

Mineral lends stone, metal, concrete, as well as wood reproductions its authentic look. A certain rawness and tactile haptics contribute to the natural appearance.

Decors with Mineral surface


Decors with Deepskin texture are characterised by very deep, rustic surfaces. The texture is mainly linear.

Decors with Deepskin surface

More safety in rooms with a risk of slipping

Wooden floors have numerous advantages as compared to alternative floor coverings. They are easier to care for than carpeting and easier to install than heavy tiles. One disadvantage: regular wooden floors pose a certain risk of slipping. Surfaces with anti-slip resistance solve this problem. They are particularly well suited for entrance ways or work areas, where stability is important. The increased static friction supports the anti-slip effect and considerably reduces the risk of slipping and falling.

Decors with R10 classification

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.