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Ergo Board

EGGER Ergo Board is an innovative shiplapped edge profiled board, which has been especially developed for drywall construction. The product has high structural strength and is formaldehyde-free glued. These properties make the boards the ideal wood-based material for interior applications.

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This is what makes the Ergo Board stand out. Its advantages in applications include:

  • The handy board format with 600 mm in widht and a weight of less than 12 kg makes the Ergo Board suitable for many different applications in dry construction and interior design. A real one-man board that can be processed quickly, easily and permanently – whether in walls, roofs or ceilings.
  • The EGGER Ergo Board, is the only tested system solutions for every drywall made of metal stud frame in combination with thin gypsum board cladding. With this board, partition walls with fire protection classification up to F90-AB and sound insulation dimensions up to 65 dB are possible.
  • Dry construction walls with EGGER Ergo Board offer very simple fastening options, chipboard screws are sufficient for fastening loads; forget special dowels and complex fastening technology. In addition, finished walls using Ergo boards are very robust against impact loads and offer high stability overall.
  • The patented edge profiling contains a circumferential expansion joint to compensate potential swelling in length. This ensures permanently functional constructions without additional cost.

Ergo Board is available in different thicknesses

The Ergo Board is available in various formats. Please refer to our current delivery programme for further information.