Walls in timber frame construction

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Nowadays, walls in timber construction are mostly made in timber frame construction. Reference is being made to the same construction principle when the common terms timber post construction and timber panel construction are used.
The main differences are the degree of prefabrication and the static functionality. Timber panel construction differs from the other terms by a higher degree of prefabrication with roof, wall or ceiling panels that are planked on one or both sides. In contrast, the other terms are more often used to refer to more extensive construction site production.

Timber frame construction – economical and flexible

Timber frame construction is more suitable than any other construction method for meeting high demands relating to thermal insulation, sound insulation and the load-bearing capacity of walls with optimum use of materials and minimum use of space.

OSB 4 TOP in application

The advantages of our OSB panels and especially of our are the excellent mechanical strength for load transfer and building bracing, as well as the possibility to use them as a vapour barrier and an airtight layer at the same time.

In combination with as cladding on the outside, constructions that are as vapour permeable as possible can be realised.

In addition, the prefabrication of the components allows rapid construction progress to be achieved, regardless of weather conditions. This makes it an economical construction method.