Finishing and dry construction with OSB

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Hard shell and stable core – OSB in the concrete formwork

Using the OSB 3 as formwork? Highly recommended. The EGGER OSB are used for various applications in classic raw construction. OSB 3 is used for simple shuttering and stay-in-place formwork to create complex falseworks. The special properties of our OSB 3 make them an interesting and economic alternative for these applications.

OSB 3 with Contifine surface

The smooth surface created by the continuous pressing process under high pressure and high temperatures makes our OSB 3 the perfect formwork board:
• High moisture resistance reduces the adhesion of material in the concrete formwork
• Excellent dimensional stability and good mechanical strength and stiffness properties due to the optimum geometry and alignment of the strands (micro-veneers)
High load capacity in concrete formwork
• Good and tight fit of fasteners, especially at the edges

With good care and maintenance as well as the proper use of formwork oil, at least 3 formwork cycles are possible. When used as formwork boards, we recommend OSB 3 boards of at least 18 mm thickness.