In this section you will find comprehensive information supporting your planning and construction design. You will find further details about the installation of OSB and the connection details of walls, ceilings and roofs.

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Engineering designs for timber construction


With our products you are able to build load-bearing interior walls, partition walls and vapour-permeable exterior walls in timber frame construction.


Correctly install load-bearing subfloors of timber beam ceilings with EGGER OSB tongue and groove. For constructions closed on both sides and visible beams, in new buildings and during renovation.

Roof structures

With our OSB and DHF panels, you can optimally plan and build a wooden roof or a roof truss. The panels take over the function of a load-bearing and bracing roof formwork or are used as underlay boards.

Dry screeds in new buildings and renovation

Producing dry screeds quickly and easily with EGGER OSB tongue and groove, whether for improving impact sound insulation or for levelling floors, in new buildings or during renovation.

Finishing and dry construction

Our OSB boards in general and our Egger Ergo Board in particular, improve the stability of walls and simplify the anchoring of loads. You can find solutions for sound insulation and fire protection of drywalls with the Egger Ergo Board here.

Technical leaflets

Find more detailed information about the different applications in timber construction.

Planning and design for timber construction

Timber frame construction

Modern timber frame construction has become increasingly popular in recent decades due to its vapour-permeable and highly energy-efficient components. Our OSB 4 TOP and our DHF boards are the ideal components for this construction system.

Statics and structural design

Egger OSB and DHF boards are used in timber construction for various purposes due to their reliable load-bearing capacity. Reinforcing roofs and walls in timber panel construction or load-bearing and reinforcing floors in timber beam ceilings are good examples.

Fire protection

Correctly designed wooden buildings ensure optimum fire protection. In our technical leaflet, you will find interesting facts about the fire protection of timber constructions as well as everything about the fire behaviour of our panels, component classifications and test certificates.

Wood and moisture protection, thermal insulation in timber construction

In our technical leaflet you will find, how to use our OSB and DHF boards correctly in accordance with the physical properties of the building as a vapour barrier and as a vapour permeable board.

Sound insulation in timber construction

Walls, ceilings and roofs in timber construction have good airborne sound and impact sound insulation despite their light construction. Our OSB and DHF boards act as flexible, sound-absorbing shells on the insulated timber posts, rafters or ceiling beams.

Technical leaflets

Find more detailed information about the different applications in timber construction.