Dry screeds with OSB boards

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OSB tongue and groove panels are particularly suitable for installing floating dry screeds. Due to their easy handling, low weight and low construction height combined with high performance, dry screeds made of OSB are simple and economical solutions for improving the impact sound insulation of timber beam ceilings and concrete ceilings. OSB are used for new buildings and renovation.

OSB as a stable base for your floor coverings

OSB as a stable base

Light dry screeds with OSB tongue and groove panels are an economical alternative to heavy screeds. They create a stable and even subfloor for almost all new floor coverings without the use of special tools for processing.

In the production of dry screeds, a distinction is made between:

  • floating installation on pressure-resistant impact sound insulation, for the best possible sound insulation of the floor
  • installation directly on timber

Detailed information on the respective installation can be found in the technical leaflets.

From old to new – renovation with OSB

Dry screeds made from EGGER OSB 3 tongue and groove are ideal for renovations and extensions:

  • they are quick to install
  • do not introduce moisture into the building structure
  • work can be continued immediately without drying periods

The dry and quick installation of OSB is ideal for existing buildings and, due to its low weight combined with high stability, it is mostly the only way to improve the structure of old ceilings. General notes and information on subfloors and dry screeds using our products can be found in the technical leaflets.

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