Action geared to future generations has always been EGGER’s daily practice. You will find all the details on this topic in the fifth Sustainability Report of the EGGER Group. In addition, all essential figures can be found in a short and compact format in the Sustainability Factsheet.

EGGER is aware of its daily ecological and economic responsibility and implements targeted measures to constantly develop its sustainable business activity.

The Sustainability Report, now at its fifth edition, presents both sustainability performances and objectives in an open and transparent manner.

To the report

Climate protection is the highest priority

Constant changes in society as a whole also have a major influence on relevant topics in the areas of climate protection and sustainability. At EGGER, we continuously evaluate the key issues of internal and external stakeholders in order to be able to optimise our processes on an ongoing basis.

Actively experience sustainable action

The presentation of individual practical examples (best practices) from our plants worldwide makes our sustainable actions really tangible. They show we are improving our overall sustainability performance in a wide range of areas. Some of the best practices report on measures to increase occupational safety, waste avoidance, optimisation in logistics and innovative working environments. In this way, EGGER ensures sustainable products, environmentally friendly production, and fulfils its social responsibility.