Fastening set for sinks

The mounting of commercially available sinks is generally designed for worktops that are about 28 mm thick. A fastening set is available which allows you to fit sinks even on thin PerfectSense Topmatt worktops and Compact Worktops.

It includes two solid wood fastening strips each in the format 1,000 / 500 × 20 × 16 mm as well as matching screws for the PerfectSense Topmatt worktops. In the case of Compact Worktops, the cross-section is rotated and the skirting is glued.


  • Mounting of sinks


  • Easy installation of sinks, also in the case of thin worktops
  • Higher stability of the worktop in the area of cut-outs

For detailed information on the mentioned product characteristics and their reference to standards, please refer to the technical data sheets in the download area.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.