One of the most sustainable materials in the world: Now even more sustainable.

From the very beginning, we have stood for the resource-conserving, responsible use of the resource wood. In the manufacture of our products, we combine this innovative approach with sustainable management, efficient production processes and our proven high EGGER quality.

But why is the new generation of wood now "even more sustainable"?

In order to continue to grow with the careful, responsible use of the resource wood, in recent years we have invested heavily in the expansion of our own ""Timberpak"" recycling collection centres. These investments have enabled us to continuously increase the proportion of wood from the circular economy while maintaining our proven EGGER quality at a consistently high level. This is an aspect that we will continue to expand in the future. In addition, with our new Decorative Collection 24+, we switched to using binding agents in production that are manufactured exclusively with green electricity.

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"Wood is far too valuable to simply throw it away." (Fritz Egger Sr., 1922-1982)
Turning an old kitchen into a new one.

The best thing about a new kitchen is that it is made from an old kitchen.

In the manufacturing process of our products, we focus on the use of wood from the circular economy.

This includes pallets, transport crates, furniture and doors disposed of by end customers, as well as by-products from the wood and sawmill industry such as hackchips, sawdust or wood shavings and residues from the furniture industry.

Making your furniture and interior design even more sustainable - the EGGER chipboard

A climate-friendly product at the centre of our product variety: the EGGER chipboard. It combines the responsible use of the resource wood with our proven high EGGER quality, as well as durability and versatility. This is because the wood used in the chipboard absorbs more carbon dioxide than is released during the production of the chipboard itself. If you are looking for a sustainable, modern wood-based material, you simply cannot ignore chipboard.

Sustainability meets cost efficiency

Environmentally friendly products do not necessarily have to be more expensive. Our EGGER chipboard proves this. Compared to solid wood and veneered wood, chipboard is not only more sustainable but also cheaper. Without compromising on design and quality. In addition, EGGER chipboard combines climate-friendly and cost-effective properties with a wide range of decorative surface properties. This is because our chipboard can take on different looks, for example in the form of an authentic natural wood reproduction or elegant stone and material effects.

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Dining room in ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain
ST20 Metal Brushed applied in a public area
H1227 Brown Abano Ash radiates high quality and elegance.

Sustainability that is transparent.

With the new generation of wood, we are once again affirming the transparent communication of product-specific environmental impact, from origin and composition to the production process and return to the cycle. Honestly sustainable with substantiated figures.

Here we provide detailed and easy-to-understand product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Environmental and Health Declarations (EHDs). Sustainability is not just limited to our products. We publish an annual sustainability report for the consistent management of our environmental and social performance.

Get a clear overview to calculate your own climate strategy.

Information about the sustainability of our products

Focus on climate friendliness

Thanks to its carbon storage effect, wood is the central raw material in active climate protection. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. The oxygen it contains is released again, while the carbon itself remains in the wood for its entire useful life. The more times wood is recycled, the longer the carbon bound in the wood is stored and the less impact it has on the climate. In the last financial year (2022/2023) alone, our products were able to store 6.4 million tonnes of CO2-eq.

We work in closed cycles for the effective and sustainable manufacture of our products. Wood waste that can no longer be used for the manufacture of our wood-based materials is utilised thermally for the company's own production processes. Accordingly, we are also entering the next stage of expansion in the area of renewable energy.

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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.