Digital Services

We have a wide range of digital tools to use as inspiration for your projects. Discover decor combinations, visualise your ideals and compare technical information.

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EGGER Insights | Digital Services

Expressive Woodgrains

Bring a natural feel to your interiors with our authentic woodgrain decors. We provide the look and feel of real wood without the price tag.

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EGGER Insights | Expressive Woodgrains

Silent Solid Colours

New introductions from EGGER, arriving December 2022. Aimee Fletcher, Design Manager at EGGER UK, welcomes the arrival of pastel tones, as consumers look for a fresh, more flexible approach to design.

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EGGER Insights | Silent Solid Colours

PerfectSense® Laminate Collection

Discover the PerfectSense laminate range. Available in PerfectSense Topmatt, Topmatt Door Size, and new PerfectSense Premium Gloss and Coloured Core.

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EGGER Insights | PerfectSense® Laminate Collection


Discover our Flammex range of flame-retardant products, to help you meet the requirements of international standards.

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EGGER Insights | Flammex

Door Laminate

Open up new design opportunities with the EGGER Door Laminate collection.

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EGGER Insights | Door Laminates

Timberpak Ltd.

Find out how our wood recycling company can turn your waste wood into new chipboard products.

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EGGER Insights: Timberpak

Decoratve Collection Update

To give you more time to experience the variety of our international collection, we are extending the collection until 2023.

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EGGER Insights: Decorative Collection Update

Thin Worktops

Create sleek and stylish designs with our range of 16mm square edge worktops.

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EGGER Insights: Thin Worktops


Designed to cover the exposed edge of wood based panels, our selection of matching and accent edging can create stylish finishes in furniture design.

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EGGER Insights: Edging

Uni Colours

Bold, bright and beautiful. Create a striking interior with a range of vivid uni colours from the EGGER Decorative Collection 2020. Choose from over 100 decors, in matching MFC, MDF, Laminate and ABS edging.

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EGGER Insights: Uni Colours

Industrial Materials

Reproductions of industrial materials such as plaster, stone and concrete are evolving, providing striking new decors and textures to enhance your projects. Create an industrial style concept with the EGGER Decorative Collection.

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EGGER Insights: Industrial Materials
Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.