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  • Each semi-detached house has a living space of around 120 m².
    OSB3, DHF: Semi-detached house in Krems Valley

    A home to fall in love with - a modern semi-detached house complex in the Krems Valley

    A home to fall in love with - a modern semi-detached house complex in the Krems Valley

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  • The H3734 ST9 Dijon Walnut applied in a bar pattern makes the ceiling an eye-catcher.
    Eurodekor, Laminate Flammex : Residential complex

    Design and safety go hand in hand

    Residence Beaux-Arts combines flats, a care hotel and a public restaurant under the concept of a boutique hotel.

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  • The Nordal Shop has been refurnished with H3157 ST12 Vicenza Oak.
    Eurodekor, Vicenza Oak: Shop Catania

    Sunny atmosphere on Sicily's coast

    After its renovation, this shop for frozen high-quality products shines in new colours.

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  • The high wardrobes made of W1000 ST9 offer plenty of storage space.
    Eurodekor, Laminate: Private House Bayreuth

    Harmonious transitions

    In this open-plan living concept, dark slatted optics alternate with white and blue furniture, yet also create storage space.

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  • Under the stairs, there is space for a make-up table, among other things.
    Laminates, PerfectSense, Topmatt: Private interior design

    Spacious cosiness

    After the renovation, this private house shines with a bright, cosy atmosphere.

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  • The open-view exhibition stand concept bears the motto
    Eurodekor , PerfectSense, Laminate Flooring: Exhibition stand

    High-quality exhibition stand

    On its exhibition stand, Medi, impresses with furniture in a round design and a warm wood appearance.

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  • The open-plan concept is inviting and modern.
    Eurodekor, Laminate, Topmatt: renovation bank Greece

    A new era for the bank branch

    After successfully completing three pilot projects, Eurobank plans to renovate 200 more branches in Greece.

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  • The H3349 ST19 Kaiserberg Oak creates a pleasantly warm atmosphere in any room.
    Eurodekor and PerfectSense Topmatt: New bank branch

    An open room concept that invites you to linger

    Harmonious combination of EGGER products for a new-work model in which people are the focus

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  • The shop is spread over two floors and offers a wide range of bicycles.
    H3303 ST10 Natural Hamilton Oak, U999 PT: Bikestore

    Functionality and warm colours as the perfect stage

    The Belgian company D'leteren focuses on the mobility of the future and has been showcasing it since May 2022 in its new bike shop in Brussels.

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  • A single-family house was converted into a multi-family house in St. Johann in Tirol.
    OSB 4 TOP: Extension to single-family house

    A single-family house grows

    Make 3 out of 1. The extension of a single-family house was completed this summer in St. Johann in Tirol.

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  • The Scandinavian style of living is modern, minimalist and was the inspiration for this project in Poznań.
    Eurodekor H1145 Natural Bardolino Oak: Apartment

    Stylish restraint, maximum cosiness

    Feel-good ambience in Scandinavian style

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  • Calm and cosy atmosphere in the bedroom.
    Decors W1000, U797 and U504, worktop in H1145: Apartment

    A modern residential dream in blue

    The architect has revealed the hidden potential of this apartment.

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