Production & development

Our employees in the Technology & Maintenance as well as in the Production departments are directly involved in the manufacturing process and ensure a smooth production sequence. Process optimisation makes sure that we can produce as efficiently and economically as possible. Our quality management employees then make sure that our products also fulfil the high expectations of our customers. Technology & Development plays an important role at EGGER. We continue to develop our product range, paying close attention to the requirements of the market. Our Purchasing employees know exactly how much of our favourite raw material wood we need. They are in constant contact with our trading partners and know the market conditions very well. EGGER’s high quality requirements already start at purchase.

Storage & transport

Our employees in Production Planning as well as in the warehouse and transport management take all preparatory measures for the economic production of our wood-based materials. As an interface between sales and production, they maintain the overview: from determining target times to developing processing plans. Also with the personnel planning and quality assurance their expert knowledge is in demand. Our employees in warehouse and transport management are true optimisation experts. In an international company, the transport and storage of large quantities of goods is a daily challenge. This applies to both internal flows of goods and to the delivery of our products across the world.

Positioning & marketing

Employees in Marketing, Sales, and Product Management make sure that the EGGER brand reaches the entire world. Our product managers perform market and competition analyses, initiate product improvements, and are in charge of the continuous update of our range of products. Together with Product Management, well-thought-out marketing strategies are then developed by the Marketing department in order to popularise our products. Employees in the Communication department and in Digital Marketing are also heavily involved. Our graphic department takes care of the graphic presentation of our entire company appearance – from the design of our brochures all the way to developing ads. Our sales force represent the direct interface with the customers. With great enthusiasm, they present them our product range and convince them of our products during personal talks.

Organisation & Control

They ensure smooth processes: our teams in the Finance, IT, and HR departments. Controlling, Accounting, or Treasury - our employees release orders, assess financial opportunities and risks, and make sure that all our business activities are conducted properly and economically. IT employees: However, our computer specialists are more than just system administrators. From accounting to staff management all the way to logistics, they develop software solutions for all our company departments. Our personnel department selects from the wealth of applicants those who suit us. In addition, they are responsible for developing further training programmes. They recognize individual potential and make sure that each employee finds ways to develop as well as possible.