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Zoom New Introductions 2015-2016

The EGGER Zoom Collection already includes suitable materials for many interior design ideas. But the Zoom New Introductions 2015-2016 add many more to these.

Everything focuses on innovative, highly refined premium surfaces and materials which combine visual perfection with haptic effect. Discover these innovative products, as well as new possibilities for high-quality applications in furniture and interior design.



PerfectSense is a premium category of high-gloss and matt lacquered boards, using tried and tested EGGER MDF quality as a base.


The grain and texture design are synchronised with each other for this new generation of surfaces. Never before have our decors looked so real.

Coloured Core Laminate


The new laminate with coloured core is used as design element for furniture and objects with high design standards. It ensures a seamless look without visible edges or joints.


Natural and authentic quality, refined high gloss and clear lines - sophisticated designs full of character are taking hold in the kitchen with the new worktop designs.