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Construction Site Report Part 3

Wood construction and fire protection – (not) a contradiction

With the decision to construct the new office building in Radauti using modular wood construction, EGGER is also establishing standards for sustainable industrial and commercial wood construction within the group.
Since wood construction of a three-storey building with a gross footprint of approximately 3,800 m² (40,900 square feet) (building footprint approximately 80 x 15 m² (861 x 161 square feet) is truly a pilot project in the region, a convincing fire protection concept was required prior to implementation.
This is why EGGER obtained competent support from Kruse Dehne Brandschutzingenieure GmbH & Co. KG, Gifhorn. The fire protection engineers were asked to develop a comprehensive fire protection concept for the construction and use phases based on the German Model Building Regulation (MBO 2002) and the Model Guidelines for Highly Fire-Retardant Wood Construction Components (M-HFHHolzR). Other European rules and regulations were also applied and coordinated in the course of constructive cooperation with the local building authorities.
In the PDF file below, we would like to present some details from the structural fire protection concept, especially for the use of EGGER wood and wood-based materials. In general, please note that OSB 4 TOP boards, which are increasingly being used in buildings, feature a lower combustion rate thanks to their higher raw density (640 – 600 kg/m³). This has a positive impact on the design calculation and shows that fire protection and wood-based materials are no contradiction.
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Radauti Construction Site Picture Gallery

  • North-East-facade

    North-East Façade

  • Lightning Protection

    Lightning Protection

  • New furniture in office module 50-70

    New furniture in office module 50-70

  • Fire Protection Glazing

    Fire protection glazing on the third floor

  • View from the third floor

    View from the third floor