ZOOM new introductions 2014

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ZOOM new introductions 2014: Experience the difference

ZOOM new introductions 2014

Experience the structures

Let yourself be inspired. Whether elegant, rustic, artistic or delicate – our textures have all one thing in common: Rooms are transformed into an experience.

ST27 - Stylish & Elegant

The FEELWOOD ELEGANCE texture, ST27, exudes a modern and sophisticated feel whilst demonstrating the beauty and subtleness of nature.

The fine and linear, yet natural, texture is synchronised with the grain of the Tortona decor to create an incredibly realistic finish.

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ST28 - Authentic & Genuine.

Feelwood Nature The FEELWOOD NATURE texture, ST28, is characterised by its authentic character. Knots and planking create a natural feel reminiscent of solid wood.

Even inside a room, we want to feel grounded and closely connected to nature. The incredibly realistic appearance of Feelwood Nature makes it possible.

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ST29 - Sophisticated & Exquisite.

Feelwood Ambiance The FEELWOOD AMBIANCE texture, ST29, has a striking, yet elegant appearance. With large cathedrals it is ideal for large applications to create a tasteful, sophisticated feel.

With its matt-gloss effects, the texture is synchronized with the large flowers in the Cape Elm decor. It also traces the grain with soft recesses, creating a tactile effect.

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ST26 - Artistic & Natural.

The PAINTED WOOD texture, ST26, builds a bridge between natural and contemporary design. The delicate shapes and neutral hues give a room that special something.

With Painted Wood, the naturalness of wood gets a fresh coat of paint. The surface is based on pine with an opaque coating. It is ideally suited to neutral uni colours.

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ST36 - Tactile & Upmarket.

The BRUSHED WOOD texture, ST36, combines the raw and immediate with the exclusive and timeless. The subtle interplay of these opposites provides a finish with a high value appearance.

The irregular and very deep texture, combined with a matt appearance, creates an incredibly natural, authentic and premium finish.

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ST87 - Striking & Industrial.

The CERAMIC texture, ST87, explores a new direction combining concrete and ceramic. These can help create a contemporary, usedlook or industrial style.

The matt-gloss effects simulate the surface and feel of a ceramic plate helping to create visual depth.

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ST9 - Subtle & Serene.

The PERFECT MATT texture, ST9, has a tactile, matt finish. The interplay between natural colours and the peach-skin like texture can help create a modern, yet calming atmosphere.

The matt surface, with its very low gloss level, is especially well suited to warm, trendy uni colours.

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