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Based on current studies and market observations, our best designers and trend scouts have developed our ZOOM collection further. This expert knowledge makes your planning and design decisions more straightforward, more confident and more successful. Thanks to the user-friendly classification of our decors into twelve colour worlds, abstract ideas and wishes can be implemented quickly. Stylish colour combinations are easily achieved.






Neutral Uni Colours

White, beige, grey and black, the classics for timeless design, have gained even more popularity over the last few years. At the same time, nature and authenticity are in demand. Warm greys and brown tones are also becoming important, especially in combination with woodgrains.

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Natural Uni Colours

Mixing colours in pastel and chalk tones create a welcoming ambiance inspired by nature. These reserved colours are perfectly combined with the soft, matt appearance of our ST9 Perfect Matt texture. 

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Intensive Uni Colours

Bright and striking primary colours with intensive character create lively accents. In this decor world, you will find colours which are both saturated and lightly transparency that can give a room character. The intensive effect of these uni colours are best shown in combination with our ST15 Office texture.

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Classic & Modern Wood Decors

Various woodgrains such as maple, beech and cherry are amongst our bestsellers. They have a permanent place in the ZOOM collection for the classic interior design style in both domestic and commercial applications. We have also can developed newer, modern interpretations of these bestselling classics that can be easily combined with our uni colours.

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Authentic Wood Decors

Nature meets design. What was considered a flaw in the past is now seen as individual and authentic: woodgrain decors with dominant knots, cracks and striking features bring originality into today's world of interior design. The new ZOOM surface ST10 Authentic gives these decors a matching, rough, tactile naturalness that you would expect.

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Exotic Wood Decors

Tropical or fantasy woodgrains constitute an exclusive alternative to the everyday. Classic, exotic wood types tend to have red tones, whilst modern exotic wood types are often brighter or feature more grey tones. The ST15 Office surface brings out bright colours whilst ST22 Matex gives the look and feel of linear brushed wood.

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Artwoods consist of wood designs and colours that are not found in nature. These include striking and dominant large scale designs, that can be used on expansive surface areas to create an imposing effect. In this decor world, you will also find finely linear wood effects with metallic lines or fantasy colours.

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Material reproductions 

Stone & Mineral Decors

A broad spectrum of various artificial and natural types of stone in authentic reproductions – from smooth marble to travertine and sandstone to new decors such as broken oil shale – plays an important role, and not only in the design of worktops. Stone & mineral decors are also gaining popularity in room design, on doors and on furniture fronts.

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Used Look

Materials with signs of use, weathering or wind cracks, have the vintage look. In a world where flawless surfaces have prevailed, used look materials bring life and character to the field of design. These decors create the opposite effect to purism and linearity with their imperfections.

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Metal Decors

Real aluminium laminates and perfect metal reproductions create an exciting contrast to wood and uni colours. In addition to cool classic metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and titanium, warm metal colours such as bronze, lava and cubanit are gaining importance in design. Pearlescent printing pigments create a metallic effect.

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Textile & Leather Decors

Soft, natural materials such as textiles and leather create warmth and cosiness in the world of modern interior design. They are perfect for giving commercial rooms that personal touch. With leather grains or textile fibres, these decors reveal an appearance complemented by their authentic feel.

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Texture meets colour

Surface textures are also playing an increasingly important role in design. In this colour group, the textures with their depth or matt-gloss effects create exciting fantasy patterns in the interplay of uni colours. This results in new, highly modern design possibilities.

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